Do It Like a Chef: Butter Garlic and Herb Basting

Butter, garlic and herb basting is commonplace in many fine restaurants. The technique imparts the flavor of fresh herbs, garlic and the nuttiness of brown butter to the surface of finished beef, poultry and fish. The hot melted butter evenly coats and cooks the protein for a nice caramelized, flavorful crust. Basically, you add butter, garlic and herbs to the hot pan you’re cooking in and spoon that butter over everything.

Always use unsalted butter, peeled whole cloves of garlic and fresh herbs. The kinds of herbs you use depends on what you’re cooking and your taste preferences. Here is a quick breakdown of herb pairings
Fish – thyme
Poultry – thyme, rosemary and sage
Pork – thyme, rosemary and sage
Chicken – thyme, rosemary and sage
Beef – thyme and rosemary

There is no recipe for this type of technique but you can think of the ingredients as a ratio. For every portion of beef, poultry, pork or fish use the following:
2 Tbsp of unsalted butter for the first portion and 1 Tbsp for each additional portion
1 clove of garlic
1 small sage leaf
1 inch piece of rosemary
1 two inch piece of thyme
Always slightly crush the garlic and lightly bruise the herbs with the palm of your hand to help bring out the flavors.

Sorry about the audio on this, it’s pretty harsh. Still new to the video thing.

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