Potato Chip Omelette

Potato chip omelette with prosciutto, tomato and manchego cheese

This is a variation of the Tortilla Española. A thick Spanish omelette traditionally made with potatoes poached in olive oil. It's often served at room temperature and cut into small pieces for appetizers. Substituting potato chips for the olive oil poached potatoes offers a quick and tasty shortcut. There are countless ingredients that can go into this omelette or just slice it into large pieces and eat it with bacon.

1999 in NYC

A slap in the face. A swift, broad-handed, bony-knuckled impact that leaves one stunned and in pain. That's a fitting description of my first restaurant job in New York City after cooking school. The Garde Manger at Philippe Bistro and Patisserie on Manhattan's Upper East Side is where the pain of my inadequacies were so …