How to Cook on Different Metals

Lately people have been doing a lot of cooking at home and that has led to some questions on how to cook on different kinds of metals. If your kitchen is like mine then you have pots and pans made in a variety of shapes and sizes.


There are a lot of different techniques and gadgets to help you with your garlic but today we will be using the most basic. A cutting board, your knife, a pinch of salt, and most importantly, your hands.


Every week we will demonstrating a new kitchen technique you can use at home.

The Wonderful, Incredible Bagel

My love for bagels has few boundaries. Split, toasted, crispy and delicious, The smell of a dark golden brown bagel fresh from the oven fills the kitchen and mouths start to water.

Love Your Local Farmer

Local farms and Community Supported Agriculture programs (or CSAs) are a great resource for procuring fresh seasonal produce.

In My Family’s Kitchen

For most of my life I never believed in the idea of home, Home was always where my head laid down.

Red Flannel Hash

The smell of roasting beets, potatoes and onions punctuate the cold morning in our drafty country home. A warm oven heats the house with the promising aromas of a special brunch.

Butternut Squash Potstickers

These butternut squash potstickers are a perfect option if you’re looking for a vegetarian appetizer. They are crispy, salty and sweet. I fold them in half, put some cheese in it and eat it like a taco.