Why So Angry?

Even after 25 years in the kitchen, cooking still has me angry, like throwing tongs across the kitchen angry, like plastering a misshapen ravioli across a coworker’s face angry… but those are stories for another post.  I’m passionate about food and so when things don’t go as planned either at home or professionally it makes me see red.  In part I’m writing to share my anger and vent my frustration over my own cooking and the culinary culture I’ve experienced professionally as a chef and as a consumer.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s great food and even better wine here on the Central Coast.  We have restaurants like Ember and Bob’s Well Bread Bakery that fancy magazines are salivating to feature, and for good reason, however, for the most part, as a chef I feel like the food scene offers up a vast sea of mediocrity.  It’s a damn shame too, because there’s so much potential. 

There is only so much stomach space to go around and precious money to spend it on, so a less than great meal out makes for a painful waste of resources, which is enough to piss anyone off.

Purpose of this Blog:

Although you may see recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare, are vegan, gluten-free, or whatever food trend is of the moment, that is not what this effort is ultimately about.  My goal is to make life better through better shopping, cooking and eating.  Some of the recipes and techniques featured might not save you time or money, some might actually cost more in the end, but they will make your life richer in flavor.

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