Grandma’s Portuguese Sweet Bread

guest writer Mrs. Angry Eater In late 2021 The Sisquoc Baking Company wanted to add a Portuguese Sweet Bread to it’s holiday menu. Customers had been requesting sweet treats for…

Stretching Your Legs in the Santa Maria Valley

Often times after spending hours in the kitchen the last thing you want to do is actually cook, so it’s nice to relax and and get out with some people you like spending time with.

Index Cards From The Past

I recorded many of the Payard recipes and food combinations on index cards for a quick reference. Those cards have been with me for over twenty years now.

Quarantine Hobbies

Spring is here and work is not, so there is plenty of down time lately. Which means plenty of time to read about cooking, baking and gardening. This year there will actually be time to put some of that reading into action.

Love Your Local Farmer

Local farms and Community Supported Agriculture programs (or CSAs) are a great resource for procuring fresh seasonal produce.

In My Family’s Kitchen

The way my mother lived her life gave me perspective. She worked hard and loved her family and friends more than anything


The pizza scene in Downtown Las Vegas reminds me of Brooklyn. It has a lot of great pizza within walking distance of Fremont Street. Check out these four spots around downtown. My advice is to start with Pop Up Pizza and end over at Good Pie.